Why Marketers Need To Scrap Generation Labels To Reach Their Target Market

Sit back for a moment, and have a think about your target market. How do you segment them? Chances are, you combine geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural considerations when assessing your target market. And chances are, you have viewed these categories through the lens of generation labels when you visualise that “person”.

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Business Entrepreneurs – Lessons From Eye Of The Tiger

It’s the most motivational song of all time! Everyone knows the punching staccato riffs at the beginning of the iconic Rocky III theme song. It’s probably on your gym playlist (it’s on ours). As an entrepreneur, you should never be comfortable. Read how the hit song 'Eye of the Tiger' can help you hit business goals.

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Businesses We Admire: LEGO

A family business established in 1932 in Denmark, LEGO has endured an eventful history to become the brand it is today. Founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen wanted to create a toy that would capture the imagination and enhance the development of children all around the world. Read on to discover why we admire LEGO as much as we

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COVID-19: You’ve Got a Captive Audience on Social Media – So What Marketing Are You Doing to Make The Most of This?

With a huge percentage of the population stuck at home right now, everyone has had the same thought at least once- ‘where would we be without social media?’. And the answer is, we’d all probably be going out of our minds. Read on to learn how to capture your audience on social media.

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