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The more marketing changes, the more it stays the same. Sure, marketing a business has evolved; and “digital marketing” is now the default method of reaching your target markets more effectively. We can now be selective about where and how we target your ideal customers, and can even dial in on who that is, exactly. There are also more marketing channels to choose from, from Google Ads to Facebook to your sister-in-law’s Instagram account about her angry cat. When faced with so many ways to invest your marketing budget, it’s easy to get lost in all the choices.

But make the right choices, and execute them well, you will get GREAT results.


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But at the end of the day, one necessary criteria of marketing remains consistent:


How can you get the greatest return from your dollar spent?

And like business in general, it all boils down to this. Of course, as simple as it sounds, the method to achieve that ideal high level of ROI isn’t easy. Because your market is sprawling and fragmented, and people aren’t as easy to pin down as they used to be. Gone are the days of placing an ad during the footy or the lifestyle section of the Sunday paper. Not because people don’t consume these things anymore, but because the landscape of things that keep people entertained has now become so profoundly broad.

On top of that, chances are, your ideal customer doesn’t want to be marketed to in an explicit way anymore.  When you do it properly, “selling” in any form – be it ads on Google or TikTok –  is now just one part of the digital marketing mix. So in order to sell effectively, and avoid the commonly-accepted (and terrible) industry average of a 2% conversion rate, your digital marketing must find and nurture your target market through a well-crafted funnel. Engagement leads to evaluation and purchase. In turn, let’s not forget the even more profitable things to get right – repeat business, advocacy and influence, that in turn leads to even more effective marketing and sales. 

The good news it, it’s not a shot in the dark. The beauty of digital is that it’s incredibly measureable, so it’s possible to build a highly effective marketing machine that will convert your current place in the market to something infinitely better. So let’s explore how Ronin does it…

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Ronin’s Approach as a Digital Marketing Agency

It all starts with understanding of your situation, along with your goals, and an examination of the data. Our team of marketing experts examines your place in the market, and benchmarks you against industry norms for a range of things., This covers everything from the way various parts of your own marketing presence is performing, to how that marketing measures up against that of your competitors. 

From there, we outline what is typically a fairly exhaustive list of priorities to focus on, and develop a Strategic Action Plan that maps out the best mix and execution to achieve your objectives. Necessarily, these objectives will almost always break down into sets of sub-objectives, including:

  • Driving Awareness by engaging with a range of relevant target audiences
  • Educating the Market by connecting their pain points & needs
  • Guiding Customer Journeys by presenting empathetic messaging & solutions
  • Creating Buy-In, Call-to-Action & Sales via effective conversion methods
  • Maximising Post-Sale Monetisation & Advocacy via nurturing loyalty & brand evangelism

Importantly, the cascade effect of improvements in any or all of these areas will deliver you exponentially better returns.

When it comes to what channels can be used to achieve these ends, there are many – from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, to search engines like Google and Bing, to your own website, blog, internal databases, to a vast landscape of third party content, advertising & algorithmically-driven audience networks.

On that note, Ronin is deeply channel-agnostic, meaning we have no vested interest in pushing any of these services over the other. We simply care about what will get the job done most effectively and efficiently, so base decisions about what’s right for your digital marketing strategy around what role each is capable of playing in the broader machine, and how they will drive your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to optimum effect.

The Digital Marketing Rollout Begins…

Month-on-month, you’re always moving forward, as our rollout cycle guarantees perpetual improvement of your digital marketing and its execution:

  • Strategic Action Planning based on what we know to-date
  • Creating Marketing Communications; advertising & strategic creative content
  • Executing Budgeted Rollout into designated paid & organic digital channels
  • Measurement of key engagement, cost & performance metrics
  • Analysis & Reporting of Results in plain English
  • Rinse, Repeat…

With each cycle, you don’t just get direct and indirect returns from that month’s marketing; you also receive the all-important data (and, effectively, market research) that allows us to fine-tune things even further for your next cycle.

Want a Tailored Digital Marketing Action Session that will grow your business, for FREE?

Want to know what you’re dealing with and the best way to reach your goals? Our pros will analyse your business, uncovering the hidden metrics you’re currently guessing at, including:

  • Your place in the market measured in cold, hard stats
  • Your competitors’ activities, and how you stack up
  • Your biggest marketing strengths and weaknesses
  • An integrated digital marketing strategy to fit your needs & budget
  • A schedule of real actions to achieve your goals

It’ll be the most profitable hour or two you’ve spent in business this year, and there’s nothing holding you back!

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