What type of business owner are you?

In a utopian business world, every business owner would have the capabilities to seamlessly float between and own, the roles required of them with each new day. However, as we all know, every entrepreneur has their strengths and weaknesses that lead them to find their own company. Which leads us to what type of business owner are you, really?


This type of business owner is one who doesn’t shy away from anything but possibly to their detriment. Alpinists are known for setting their sights on extremely high peaks and see the corporate and business ecosystem as a playground to expand their knowledge in order to make clearer informed decisions. With a mix of skills, these types of business owners thrive in landscapes that provide the opportunity to adapt at a moment’s notice and apply their accumulated knowledge to any difficult situation that arises.

Although handy in the fast-paced world we live in, Alpinists can struggle to have a firm hold on where they need to direct their skills most. It can get overwhelming when the idea of not being able to spread yourself across every aspect of the business becomes a reality.

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Rock climbers have peace of mind knowing that every possible precaution has been put in place. They know that going out on your own is risky business, and there are many problems that can be avoided if preventative measures are employed. Traditionalist-type business owners appreciate the fundamentals to create a sustainable and successful company because they have seen it been done his way for decades, and why fix something that wasn’t broken, to begin with? The downside to a traditionalist is that they struggle to see the value in taking risks and have an analytical brain that stifles their ability to expand their horizons.


Free solo climbers are forced to rely entirely on their own individual strength and skill. They flourish in high-pressure, high-stakes situations; they are risk-takers through and through. From a business perspective, these types of owners can improvise and respond to changes in the marketplace without falling into the trap of being too tenaciously committed to one ‘ideal’ finished product, one particular resolution, or one particular strategy.

Being highly skilled in their chosen profession, just like a solo climber, this naturally positions them as an expert and mentor to their employees and colleagues. It may sound like a perfect combination of qualities but not dissimilar to the rest; there are drawbacks including over-delegating tasks that may have been best contained to one person or one team because they strongly believe in each individual having a vital contribution.


In a sport where speed is the ultimate goal, ‘Serial Entrepreneurs’ accept a similar challenge with each new business venture they undertake. Speed climbers perform well when there is a high level of competition involved. They generally begin a business, taking it to the next level in a condensed timeframe so they can move on to the next big thing quickly. The competitive nature of ‘serial entrepreneurs’ allows them to sustain a hunger to succeed at everything they do, making it an interesting and exciting journey from the get-go.

Their zest for efficiency and timeliness can come at a cost which may come in the form of losing interest too quickly and not following through on different tasks because they are looking for the next opportunity before the current company, potentially, has had an opportunity to reap the benefits of the first product/service fully.


Boulderers take the same route as rock climbers without the backup plans and safety precautions in place. Taking a more freelance approach to establishing a business, these ‘Boulderers’ have a clear understanding of how they fit into the bigger picture of their company and the market. The ‘free agents’ love the thrill of the chase and having their fingers a variety of pies at the same time, which can lead to a wealth of knowledge in different industries. There is a strong desire for these types of entrepreneurs to jump from project to project without really sinking their teeth into one thing.

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Lastly, the first ascenders. These business owners strive to be the first when it comes to anything business; whether it be bringing the first product of its kind to market or the first to reach a specific milestone in terms of profit or status, the passion in these managers is admirable. They have a vigour for their ideas and can it can prove difficult to continuously reach the high standards that are set because it can come down to timing; the market may not be at the right place for that particular product, cost of development; if you are the first, then no one has made anything like this before which draws this part of the process out.
Each business owner has their strengths and weaknesses and climbing any size mountain can take its toll, which is where your navigators come in; the Ronin team. We’re here to shine a spotlight on your strengths and work through your weaknesses with you.

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