Online Learning Resources for Personal Growth

Now that we all have a lot more spare time on our hands, even if it’s just the time saved from our normal commute, now is as important a time as ever to look inward and reflect on ourselves. As we go into self-isolation with this extra time, why not try to do something positive for yourself and then in turn, others?

We’ve put together a list of our favourite online resources for personal growth. Check them out while you have a break between Netflix episodes!

Resouces for online learning for personal growth | Ronin Marketing


This online learning platform has an overwhelming amount of courses available across thousands of subjects. Udemy has a range of paid and unpaid courses but we’ve picked out our favourites that don’t cost a cent.

One of our favourites for personal development is Improve your self-confidence with 5 techniques and hypnosis. This course will give you the confidence to carry yourself in many situations and never have a moment of ‘I should have said…’ after the fact again. Hypnosis, we say? Don’t worry, you won’t be clucking like a chicken after somebody counts to three. Although it does come with a warning, think of this course as more of a next-level mindfulness program.

If that sounds a bit advanced for you, why not make everything easier by completing Minimalism: Simply your Life? Learn how to get rid of the things (and people) that have a negative impact on you and minimise the hassle in your life. This course is all about letting go of a lot of material and emotional things from all the stuff in your house that you don’t need, to that social media platform you seem to waste hours on and not feel any better for it.

Another one from Udemy, this cracker of a course is called Meaning to Life and Defining Your Life’s Purpose. Sounds a bit heavy, right? Wrong! The only prerequisite for this course is to have an open mind, and smile. This course will allow you to really focus on what you want to do with your life, what you want out of that, and how to enhance the powers that be to achieve this.


This Way Up’s Intro to Mindfulness is a great course for someone just starting on their personal development journey. This course is run through comic style stories and includes downloadable audio content, online exercises and questionnaires to really let you sink your teeth into mindfulness.

Resouces for online learning for personal growth | Ronin Marketing


Want to study at uni without the debt? This site offers courses from distinguished universities across the globe. There are courses that are very extensive in their field, but here are a couple of our favourite personal development ones where enrollment won’t set you back at all.

The Science of Wellbeing is offered by Yale, one of the United States’ top educational institutions. This course explores how to increase your happiness levels and form positive, productive habits that allow you to make the most of every day.

One of the most famous quotes of Shakespeare’s literature; to thine own self be true, can be considered an extreme summation of the course by the University of Edinburgh, Know Thyself – The Value and Limits of Self-Knowledge: The Unconscious. This course is a bit more advanced than others, so perhaps read up as much as you can before embarking on this journey.

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