The advantages of having a team of growth mindset people

There is a common dilemma occurring within companies across the globe – business is becoming volatile and more complex than ever before. This means managers, c-suites, and leaders are demanding more from their teams to combat the ever-changing landscape.,/h4>

The problem with this is that it can lead to overworking, compromising employee capacity and generally allowing a toxic workplace to become the norm. Although the issue is apparent in too many businesses, there has also been a spike in fostering performance culture alongside it. The problem with this, however, is that focussing on “performance” may not be the most beneficial indicator to guide optimum productivity. Instead, we would argue that more businesses should be looking at the advantages of having a team with a growth mindset or culture.

A recent study highlighted the differences in people’s ‘mindsets’ and found two categories. The first being that some people believe interests and skills are basically “gifts” that are strictly inherent. This is known as the ‘fixed mindset of interest’. The other is the ‘growth mindset of interest’ whereby people view interests as a tool that develops over time with investment and dedication. The latter is typically where bosses need their employees to be, and for all the obvious reasons, there are twice as many less apparent reasons that point to a growth mindset being an overall positive way to be.


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Businesses that were able to develop continuous learning successfully were 30% more likely to become a market leader within their industry. The difficulty for most employers lies within allowing employees to pursue learning at work in a way that’s not just for a short-term boost in profit, but rather, as a long-term investment in each employee. The second challenge is ensuring that this framework is transparent and the employees’ long term efforts are valued.


Using the growth mindset psychological concept as a guideline for the questions asked in an interview setting ensures the future of the company moves in the right direction, with the right people. More often than not, the focus within a role is put on the level of training required rather than the level of interest and commitment to learning and curiosity a potential employee can offer. Hiring someone who has a natural innate desire to learn and grow will save you time down the track as roles continue to change rapidly with the evolution of technology and new systems.


Realistically, adopting a growth mindset within your business will naturally lead to a more collaborative workspace. By inspiring a generally more open environment for employees, the ability to openly communicate different ideas and suggestions becomes expected and appreciated rather than frowned upon and almost inaccessible.

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An interesting factor when looking at the difference between fixed and growth mindset is that it’s common for those with a fixed mindset to think that once they find their ‘passion’ in life, the motivation will be relentless, therefore leading to an overall easier path on the road to success. However, those who lean more toward the growth mindset understand that following any career choice will come with its fair share of setbacks and challenges, but these are the times when real growth occurs.

For a lot of employers, the burning question is whether a growth mindset can really be cultivated. While the research points to yes, trusting the process is key to the longevity of any cultural shift. Begin by engaging in discussions that allow teams to feel acknowledged, encouraged, and as though they have the opportunity to improve their current skills and interests within the workplace. There is a long road ahead of us for the majority of companies to instil this sense of constant improvement and desire to learn from both successes and failures.

Allowing your team the opportunity to focus on a growth mindset will naturally, in turn, grow your business. Our team, on the other hand, is here to show your target audience how well you do the things you do in the form of a cohesive digital presence. Find out more about how we can help you and get started today.

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